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SPINNING, adjective. Rapidly rotating on an axis; whirling.
SPINNING, noun. The motion of something that spins.
SPINNING, noun. The process of converting fibres into yarn or thread.
SPINNING, noun. Indoor cycling.
SPINNING, verb. Present participle of spin
SPINNING FRAME, noun. A machine that draws and twists fibres and then winds it onto spools or spindles
SPINNING JENNIES, noun. Plural of spinning jenny
SPINNING JENNY, noun. An early spinning machine having multiple spools
SPINNING MULE, noun. A machine that spins thread from fibres.
SPINNING MULES, noun. Plural of spinning mule
SPINNING TOP, noun. A toy with a tapering point that can be made to spin on its axis, either with a built-in pump-action handle, with the fingers or with a string.
SPINNING TOPS, noun. Plural of spinning top
SPINNING WHEEL, noun. A domestic device for making yarn or thread; having a single spindle and a wheel driven by hand or foot
SPINNING WHEELS, noun. Plural of spinning wheel

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SPINNING, noun. Creating thread.

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