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PROPELLER, noun. One who, or that which, propels.
PROPELLER, noun. A mechanical device, with shaped blades that turn on a shaft, to push against air or water, especially one used to propel an aircraft or boat.
PROPELLER, noun. A steamboat thus propelled; a screw steamer.
PROPELLER HEAD, noun. The hub of a propeller
PROPELLER HEAD, noun. The central part of a propeller, into which the blades fit
PROPELLER HEAD, noun. (informal) A person deeply absorbed in an academic field or technical interest, especially to the exclusion of social activities.
PROPELLER HEADS, noun. Plural of propeller head
PROPELLER SHAFT, noun. The shaft which transmits the rotary motion from an engine to a propeller, as on a ship or aircraft.
PROPELLER SHAFTS, noun. Plural of propeller shaft

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PROPELLER, noun. A mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water.

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