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REVERSIBLE, adjective. Able to be reversed
REVERSIBLE, adjective. (of clothing) able to be worn inside out
REVERSIBLE, adjective. (chemistry) (of a chemical reaction) capable of proceeding in either direction
REVERSIBLE, adjective. (physics) (of a phase change) capable of returning to the original state
REVERSIBLE, adjective. (thermodynamics) capable of returning to the original state without consumption of free energy and increase of entropy

Dictionary definition

REVERSIBLE, noun. A garment (especially a coat) that can be worn inside out (with either side of the cloth showing).
REVERSIBLE, adjective. Capable of reversing or being reversed; "reversible hypertension".
REVERSIBLE, adjective. Capable of being reversed or used with either side out; "a reversible jacket".
REVERSIBLE, adjective. Capable of being reversed; "a reversible decision is one that can be appealed or vacated".
REVERSIBLE, adjective. Capable of assuming or producing either of two states; "a reversible chemical reaction"; "a reversible cell".

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