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EFFECT, noun. The result or outcome of a cause. See usage notes below.
EFFECT, noun. Impression left on the mind; sensation produced.
EFFECT, noun. (filmology) An illusion produced by technical means (as in "special effect")
EFFECT, noun. (sound engineering) An alteration in sound after it has been produced by an instrument.
EFFECT, noun. (sound engineering) A device for producing an alteration in sound produced by an instrument.
EFFECT, noun. Execution; performance; realization; operation.
EFFECT, noun. (uncountable) The state of being binding and enforceable, as in a rule, policy, or law.
EFFECT, noun. (physics) (psychology) (etc.) A scientific phenomenon, usually named after its discoverer.
EFFECT, noun. (usually plural) Belongings, usually as personal effects.
EFFECT, noun. Consequence intended; purpose; meaning; general intent; with to.
EFFECT, noun. (obsolete) Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance.
EFFECT, noun. (obsolete) Manifestation; expression; sign.
EFFECT, verb. To make or bring about; to implement.
EFFECT, verb. Misspelling of affect.
EFFECT SIZE, noun. (statistics) A measure of the strength or magnitude of the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable in an experiment or a quasi-experiment.
EFFECT SIZES, noun. Plural of effect size

Dictionary definition

EFFECT, noun. A phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event".
EFFECT, noun. An outward appearance; "he made a good impression"; "I wanted to create an impression of success"; "she retained that bold effect in her reproductions of the original painting".
EFFECT, noun. An impression (especially one that is artificial or contrived); "he just did it for effect".
EFFECT, noun. The central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work.
EFFECT, noun. (of a law) having legal validity; "the law is still in effect".
EFFECT, noun. A symptom caused by an illness or a drug; "the effects of sleep loss"; "the effect of the anesthetic".
EFFECT, verb. Produce; "The scientists set up a shock wave".
EFFECT, verb. Act so as to bring into existence; "effect a change".

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