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GRAVITATIONAL, adjective. Pertaining to, or caused by, gravity or gravitation.
GRAVITATIONAL ASSIST, noun. Alternative form of gravity assist
GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE, noun. The stage in the evolution of a star in which the pressure of the star is insufficient to maintain it at a stable size, and its material falls inward under its own gravitational attraction, eventually forming a black hole or a neutron star, and sometimes accompanied by a supernova explosion.
GRAVITATIONAL CONSTANT, noun. (physics) An empirical physical constant involved in the calculation of the gravitational attraction between objects with mass
GRAVITATIONAL CONVECTION, noun. (physics) The convection (carriage) of contents of a fluid, such as mass or heat, by means of currents induced in the fluid by buoyancy forces which are dependent on gravity acting upon density differences within the fluid.
GRAVITATIONAL FIELD, noun. (physics) the field produced by the gravitational force of mass
GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS, noun. Plural of gravitational field
GRAVITATIONAL FORCE, noun. (physics) a very long-range, but relatively weak fundamental force of attraction that acts between all particles that have mass; believed to be mediated by gravitons
GRAVITATIONAL INTERACTION, noun. (physics) The fundamental interaction responsible for the gravitational force.
GRAVITATIONAL LENS, noun. (astronomy) A massive body that produces distorted, magnified or multiple images of more distant objects when its gravitational field bends the path of light rays.
GRAVITATIONAL LENSES, noun. Plural of gravitational lens
GRAVITATIONAL LENSING, noun. (astronomy) The action of a star that acts as a gravitational lens and focusses starlight from another star that passes behind it as observed from the Earth
GRAVITATIONAL MIRAGE, noun. A distorted or false image of a distant galaxy (e.g. an image of a distant galaxy as a ring, or as multiple copies of itself) caused by a gravitational lens (a massive object located between the distant galaxy and the viewer, which alters how the light of the distant galaxy reaches the viewer).
GRAVITATIONAL PROPULSION, noun. Any supposed method of propulsion that warps space or spacetime or interacts in some way with warped space or spacetime
GRAVITATIONAL RADIATION, noun. (physics) a hypothetical wave, produced by an accelerating mass, that would be propagated at the speed of light
GRAVITATIONAL REDSHIFT, noun. (astronomy) (physics) A shift to longer wavelengths of spectral lines emitted by atoms in a strong gravitational field.
GRAVITATIONAL SINGULARITIES, noun. Plural of gravitational singularity
GRAVITATIONAL SINGULARITY, noun. (physics) A location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field become infinite in a way that does not depend on the coordinate system.
GRAVITATIONAL SLINGSHOT, noun. Alternative form of gravity assist
GRAVITATIONAL WAVE, noun. (physics) A postulated fluctuation in spacetime that propagates as a wave at the speed of light
GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, noun. Plural of gravitational wave

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GRAVITATIONAL, adjective. Of or relating to or caused by gravitation.

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