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FLUCTUATION, noun. A motion like that of waves; a moving in this and that direction.
FLUCTUATION, noun. A wavering; unsteadiness.
FLUCTUATION, noun. In medicine, a wave-like motion or undulation of a fluid in a natural or abnormal cavity (e.g. pus in an abscess), which is felt during palpation or percussion.
FLUCTUATION THEOREM, proper noun. A theorem dealing with the relative probability that the entropy of a system that is currently away from thermodynamic equilibrium (i.e. maximum entropy) will increase or decrease over a given amount of time.

Dictionary definition

FLUCTUATION, noun. A wave motion; "the fluctuations of the sea".
FLUCTUATION, noun. An instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change.
FLUCTUATION, noun. The quality of being unsteady and subject to changes; "he kept a record of price fluctuations".

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