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PLANCK, noun. The units of measure eponymous of Max Planck.
PLANCK, proper noun. A German surname​.
PLANCK AREA, noun. (physics) The square of the Planck length, thought to be the quantum of area. Symbol is AP.
PLANCK CONSTANT, noun. Alternative form of Planck's constant
PLANCK ENERGY, noun. (physics) A natural unit of energy, equivalent to the mass energy of a Planck particle (mPc2) or the energy per quantum at a temperature of one Planck temperature (kTP).
PLANCK EPOCH, noun. (physics) (cosmology) The period immediately after the Big Bang, typically viewed at around one Planck time, whereby all forces were unified.
PLANCK ERA, noun. Planck epoch
PLANCK LENGTH, noun. (physics) A unit of length, believed to be the smallest length that has physical meaning, that is defined in terms of the speed of light, the gravitational constant and the reduced Planck's constant viz:- \(\ell_P =\sqrt\frac{\hbar G}{c^3} \approx 1.616 252 (81) \times 10^{-35} \mbox{ meters}\)
PLANCK PARTICLE, noun. (physics) A hypothetical particle having physical quantities on the Planck scale, most importantly being one Planck mass in mass. Sometimes also called a planckon.
PLANCK SCALE, noun. (physics) The scale at which quantum-mechanical effects become significant to depicting spacetime & other gravitational phenomena, typically defined as being on the order of one Planck length (~10-35 m).
PLANCK SPEED, noun. (physics) The velocity equal to one Planck length per Planck time; equal to the speed of light. Symbol is vP or c.
PLANCK TEMPERATURE, proper noun. (physics) The fundamental upper limit of temperature conceivable under current models of physics, in which all matter is accelerated as quickly as possible to the speed of light, approximately 1.41679 × 1032 kelvins.
PLANCK TIME, noun. (physics) A natural unit of time, equivalent to the time it takes light to traverse one Planck length; it is the smallest duration of time that has physical meaning.
PLANCK UNIT, noun. (physics) Any one of several natural units in a system originally proposed by Max Planck based on universal constants. Symbols for Planck units are the symbol for the physical quantity with a subscript P.
PLANCK UNITS, noun. Plural of Planck unit

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PLANCK, noun. German physicist whose explanation of blackbody radiation in the context of quantized energy emissions initiated quantum theory (1858-1947).

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