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INSTITUTE, noun. An organization founded to promote a cause
INSTITUTE, noun. An institution of learning; a college, especially for technical subjects
INSTITUTE, noun. The building housing such an institution
INSTITUTE, noun. (obsolete) The act of instituting; institution.
INSTITUTE, noun. (obsolete) That which is instituted, established, or fixed, such as a law, habit, or custom.
INSTITUTE, noun. (legal) (Scotland) The person to whom an estate is first given by destination or limitation.
INSTITUTE, verb. (transitive) To begin or initiate (something); to found.
INSTITUTE, verb. (obsolete) (transitive) To train, instruct.
INSTITUTE, verb. To nominate; to appoint.
INSTITUTE, verb. (ecclesiastical) (legal) To invest with the spiritual charge of a benefice, or the care of souls.

Dictionary definition

INSTITUTE, noun. An association organized to promote art or science or education.
INSTITUTE, verb. Set up or lay the groundwork for; "establish a new department".
INSTITUTE, verb. Advance or set forth in court; "bring charges", "institute proceedings".

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