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STATUTORY, adjective. Of, relating to, enacted or regulated by a statute.
STATUTORY AUTHORITIES, noun. Plural of statutory authority
STATUTORY AUTHORITY, noun.  (Australian) (New Zealand) (UK) A body set up by law which is authorised to enforce legislation on behalf of the relevant country or state.
STATUTORY DECLARATION, noun. (legal) A legal document that is affirmed rather than being sworn under oath.
STATUTORY DECLARATIONS, noun. Plural of statutory declaration
STATUTORY HEIR, noun. (legal) Synonym of heir-at-law.
STATUTORY LAW, noun. Alternative form of statute law
STATUTORY RAPE, noun. (legal) An illegal act of sexual intercourse by an adult with a person under the legal age of consent for sex, or with another adult who is not able to consent because of lack of mental capacity.
STATUTORY RAPES, noun. Plural of statutory rape

Dictionary definition

STATUTORY, adjective. Relating to or created by statutes; "statutory matters"; "statutory law".
STATUTORY, adjective. Prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute; "statutory restrictions"; "a statutory age limit"; "statutory crimes"; "statutory rape".

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