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PENALTY, noun. A legal sentence.
PENALTY, noun. A punishment for violating rules of procedure.
PENALTY, noun. (finance) A payment forfeited for an early withdrawal from an account or an investment.
PENALTY, noun. (football) A direct free kick from the penalty spot, taken after a defensive foul in the penalty box; a penalty kick.
PENALTY, noun. (ice hockey) A punishment for an infraction of the rules, often in the form of being removed from play for a specified amount of time.
PENALTY ARC, noun. (football) an arc whose center is the penalty spot, extending from the top of the penalty area.
PENALTY ARCS, noun. Plural of penalty arc
PENALTY AREA, noun. (football) An area of a soccer pitch extending 18 yards out of the goal, inside which a penalty is given to the offensive team if a foul is made by the defensive team.
PENALTY AREAS, noun. Plural of penalty area
PENALTY BOX, noun. (ice hockey) An enclosed bench where a player must remain for timed period (a penalty) that is assessed after an infraction.
PENALTY BOX, noun. (soccer) The penalty area.
PENALTY BOX, noun. (idiomatic) (figuratively) A temporary punishment, or, metaphorically, a similar setback (e.g., loss of control, embarrassment, etc.).
PENALTY BOXES, noun. Plural of penalty box
PENALTY COPY, noun. Copy (text to be typeset) containing much mathematics or similar notation.
PENALTY CORNER, noun. (field hockey) a particular penalty awarded against the defending team in certain circumstances
PENALTY CORNERS, noun. Plural of penalty corner
PENALTY FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any function that applies constraints to a maximum or minimum problem
PENALTY FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of penalty function
PENALTY GOAL, noun. (ice hockey) (soccer) (rugby) A goal scored from a penalty.
PENALTY GOALS, noun. Plural of penalty goal
PENALTY KICK, noun. (soccer) A form of direct free kick, taken from the penalty spot after a defensive foul in the penalty box, with only the goalkeeper defending the goal,
PENALTY KICK, noun. (rugby) A form of free kick in which the ball may be kicked towards touch, towards the goal or dribbled
PENALTY KICKS, noun. Plural of penalty kick
PENALTY KILL, noun. (ice hockey) A period during the game, when a team has one or more players in the penalty box.
PENALTY KILLS, noun. Plural of penalty kill
PENALTY MARK, noun. (football) a small white spot, painted on the grass, twelve yards in front of the centre of the goal line, from which all penalty kicks are taken
PENALTY PHASE, noun. The portion of some criminal trials which occurs after a guilty verdict has been rendered, in which the punishment for the crime is decided.
PENALTY RATE, noun. (Australia) (industrial relations) A mandated minimum rate of pay which is higher than the usual minimum wage, paid to an employee when working on weekends, public holidays, overtime, late night shifts or early morning shifts.
PENALTY RATES, noun. Plural of penalty rate
PENALTY SHOOTOUT, noun. (football) (field hockey) A series of penalties (penalty kicks in soccer), taken to decide a winner after a game has resulted in a tie and extra time has been played.
PENALTY SHOOTOUTS, noun. Plural of penalty shootout
PENALTY SPOT, noun. (football) a small white spot, painted on the grass, twelve yards in front of the centre of the goal line, from which all penalty kicks are taken
PENALTY SPOTS, noun. Plural of penalty spot
PENALTY THROW, noun. (handball) A free throw taken by an attacker from 7 metres away, defended by the goalkeeper.
PENALTY TRY, noun. (rugby) An awarding of five points (equivalent to scoring a try) to a team whose opponents have prevented, by misconduct, a try being scored.
PENALTY UNIT, noun. (Australia) (legal) an amount, used as a basis of a penalty fine, which can be adjusted by the government without the need to pass new legislation.
PENALTY UNITS, noun. Plural of penalty unit

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PENALTY, noun. The act of punishing.
PENALTY, noun. A payment required for not fulfilling a contract.
PENALTY, noun. The disadvantage or painful consequences of an action or condition; "neglected his health and paid the penalty".
PENALTY, noun. (games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game.

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