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GRID, noun. A rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size, such as in a crossword puzzle.
GRID, noun. A system for delivery of electricity, consisting of various substations, transformers and generators, connected by wire.
GRID, noun. (computing) A system or structure of distributed computers working mostly on a peer-to-peer basis, such structures being known as a computational grid or simply grid computing, and used mainly to solve single and complex scientific or technical problems or to process data at high speeds (as in clusters).
GRID, noun. (cartography) A method of marking off maps into areas.
GRID, noun. (motor racing) The pattern of starting positions of the drivers for a race.
GRID, noun. (electronics) The third (or higher) electrode of a vacuum tube (triode or higher).
GRID, verb. To mark with a grid.
GRID, verb. To assign a reference grid to.
GRID, noun. (disease) (obsolete) Gay-related immunodeficiency — former name of AIDS.
GRID ELECTRICITY, noun. Electric energy delivered to a consumer from the public electricity network.
GRID GIRL, noun. Synonym of race queen.
GRID GIRLS, noun. Plural of grid girl
GRID NORTH, noun. The direction northwards along the grid lines of a map projection. The grid north for a particular map is usually chosen so that it deviates very little from the true north.
GRID PLAN, noun. A type of city plan in which streets run at right angles to each other, forming a grid.
GRID REFERENCE, noun. The point or area on a map described by the numbers or letters indicated.
GRID REFERENCES, noun. Plural of grid reference
GRID ROAD, noun. (Canadian) A road that follows the one-mile section grid established by government land survey.

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GRID, noun. A pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines.
GRID, noun. A system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region.
GRID, noun. A perforated or corrugated metal plate used in a storage battery as a conductor and support for the active material.
GRID, noun. An electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube.
GRID, noun. A cooking utensil of parallel metal bars; used to grill fish or meat.

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