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PARITY, noun. (uncountable) Equality; comparability of strength or intensity.
PARITY, noun. (mathematics) (countable) A set with the property of having all of its elements belonging to one of two disjoint subsets, especially a set of integers split in subsets of even and odd elements.
PARITY, noun. (mathematics) (countable) The classification of an element of a set with parity into one of the two sets.
PARITY, noun. (physics) (countable) Symmetry of interactions under spatial inversion.
PARITY, noun. (games) (countable) In reversi, the last move within a given sector of the board.
PARITY, noun. (medicine) (countable) The number of times a woman has given birth.
PARITY, noun. (agriculture) (countable) The number of times a sow has farrowed.
PARITY BIT, noun. (computing) A bit (binary digit) used to indicate whether the number of bits in a given set with value of one is even or odd. Parity bits are used as a simple error detection code.
PARITY GAME, noun. (game theory) A type of game played on a directed graph whose nodes are coloured by priority.
PARITY GAMES, noun. Plural of parity game

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PARITY, noun. (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered; "the parity of the mother must be considered"; "a bipara is a woman who has given birth to two children".
PARITY, noun. (mathematics) a relation between a pair of integers: if both integers are odd or both are even they have the same parity; if one is odd and the other is even they have different parity; "parity is often used to check the integrity of transmitted data".
PARITY, noun. (computer science) a bit that is used in an error detection procedure in which a 0 or 1 is added to each group of bits so that it will have either an odd number of 1's or an even number of 1's; e.g., if the parity is odd then any group of bits that arrives with an even number of 1's must contain an error.
PARITY, noun. (physics) parity is conserved in a universe in which the laws of physics are the same in a right-handed system of coordinates as in a left-handed system.
PARITY, noun. Functional equality.

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