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DEBT, noun. An action, state of mind, or object one has an obligation to perform for another, adopt toward another, or give to another.
DEBT, noun. The state or condition of owing something to another.
DEBT, noun. Money that one person or entity owes or is required to pay to another, generally as a result of a loan or other financial transaction.
DEBT, noun. (legal) An action at law to recover a certain specified sum of money alleged to be due.
DEBT BONDAGE, noun. A condition similar to slavery where human beings are unable to control their lives or their work due to unpaid debts.
DEBT BONDAGES, noun. Plural of debt bondage
DEBT BURDEN, noun. The debt of a country, when large enough that servicing it has become difficult.
DEBT CEILING, noun. (politics) (economics) The limit at which an entity (usually a government) is legally allowed to borrow.
DEBT INSTRUMENT, noun. (finance) (legal) A document evidencing a debt; the debt so evidenced.
DEBT OF HONOR, noun. (set phrase) An obligation, especially a gambling debt based on a verbal promise, which is not legally enforceable but which is considered to be secured by the debtor's moral integrity.
DEBT OF HONOUR, noun. Alternative form of debt of honor
DEBT RELIEF, noun. The partial or total forgiveness of debt.

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DEBT, noun. The state of owing something (especially money); "he is badly in debt".
DEBT, noun. Money or goods or services owed by one person to another.
DEBT, noun. An obligation to pay or do something.

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