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FISCAL, adjective. Related to the treasury of a country, company, region or city, particularly to government spending and revenue.
FISCAL, adjective. (proscribed) Pertaining to finance and money in general; financial.
FISCAL, noun. A public official in certain countries having control of public revenue.
FISCAL, noun. (British) (Scottish law) Procurator fiscal, a public prosecutor.
FISCAL, noun. (legal) In certain countries, including Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and former colonies of these countries and certain British colonies, solicitor or attorney general.
FISCAL, noun. Any of various African shrikes of the genus Lanius.
FISCAL CLIFF, noun. (politics) (economics) A situation where a number of large spending or taxation bills begin or end simultaneously.
FISCAL CONSERVATIVE, noun. One who favors a balanced budget, preferring spending cuts or tax increases to borrowing, and wants to decrease government size, and promote a free market.
FISCAL CONSERVATIVES, noun. Plural of fiscal conservative
FISCAL POLICY, noun. (economics) Government policy that attempts to influence the direction of the economy through changes in government spending or taxes.
FISCAL STAMP, noun. A revenue stamp
FISCAL YEAR, noun. (accounting) An accounting period of one year, not necessarily coinciding with the calendar year.
FISCAL YEARS, noun. Plural of fiscal year

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FISCAL, adjective. Involving financial matters; "fiscal responsibility".

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