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ACCOUNTANT, noun. One who renders account; one accountable.
ACCOUNTANT, noun. A reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s)
ACCOUNTANT, noun. (accounting) One who is skilled in, keeps, or adjusts, accounts; an officer in a public office, who has charge of the accounts.
ACCOUNTANT, noun. (accounting) One whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another. The records are usually, but not always, financial records.
ACCOUNTANT, adjective. (obsolete) accountable
ACCOUNTANT GENERAL, noun. A head or superintending accountant in certain public offices.
ACCOUNTANT GENERAL, noun. (historical) An officer in the English court of chancery who received the moneys paid into the court, and deposited them in the Bank of England.

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ACCOUNTANT, noun. Someone who maintains and audits business accounts.

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