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BANKER, noun. One who conducts the business of banking; one who, individually, or as a member of a company, keeps an establishment for the deposit or loan of money, or for traffic in money, bills of exchange, etc.
BANKER, noun. (obsolete) A money changer.
BANKER, noun. The dealer, or one who keeps the bank in a gambling house.
BANKER, noun. The stone bench on which a mason cuts or squares his work.
BANKER, noun. A vessel employed in the cod fishery on the banks of Newfoundland.
BANKER, noun. (UK) (dialect) A ditcher; a drain digger.
BANKER, noun. (rail transport) (British) (Australia) A railway locomotive that can be attached to the rear of a train to assist it in climbing an incline.
BANKER, noun. A native or resident of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
BANKER, noun. A Banker horse, a feral horse from the islands of North Carolina's Outer Banks.
BANKER LAMP, noun. Alternative form of banker's lamp

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BANKER, noun. A financier who owns or is an executive in a bank.
BANKER, noun. The person in charge of the bank in a gambling game.

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