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CAPITALIST, adjective. Of, or pertaining to, capitalism.
CAPITALIST, adjective. Supporting or endorsing capitalism.
CAPITALIST, noun. A person who is a supporter of capitalism (Wikipedia).
CAPITALIST, noun. An owner of (considerable amount of) capital (Wikipedia).
CAPITALIST ANARCHISM, noun. Anarcho-capitalism
CAPITALIST REALISM, noun. (arts) A pop art movement that is an allusion to socialist realism.
CAPITALIST REALISM, noun. (arts) A satirical reference to pop.

Dictionary definition

CAPITALIST, noun. A conservative advocate of capitalism.
CAPITALIST, noun. A person who invests capital in a business (especially a large business).
CAPITALIST, adjective. Of or relating to capitalism or capitalists; "a capitalist nation"; "capitalistic methods and incentives".
CAPITALIST, adjective. Favoring or practicing capitalism.

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