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ENTERPRISE, noun. A company, business, organization, or other purposeful endeavor.
ENTERPRISE, noun. An undertaking or project, especially a daring and courageous one.
ENTERPRISE, noun. A willingness to undertake new or risky projects; energy and initiative.
ENTERPRISE, noun. An active participation in projects
ENTERPRISE, verb. (intransitive) To undertake an enterprise, or something hazardous or difficult.
ENTERPRISE, verb. (transitive) To undertake; to begin and attempt to perform; to venture upon.
ENTERPRISE, verb. (transitive) To treat with hospitality; to entertain.
ENTERPRISE APPLICATION INTEGRATION, noun. (computing) The use of software and computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of enterprise computer applications.
ENTERPRISE APPLICATION INTEGRATIONS, noun. Plural of enterprise application integration
ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE, noun. The disposition and interrelationship of all the management, information and computing systems within an organization
ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE MODEL, noun. The set of diagrams and metadata which fully defines and describes an enterprise architecture
ENTERPRISE FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT, noun. An integrated approach to the management of all forms of feedback available to an organisation; especially that via online surveys.
ENTERPRISE LIABILITY, noun. A legal doctrine and form of secondary liability under which individual entities can be held jointly liable for some action on the basis of being part of a shared enterprise.
ENTERPRISE SERVICE BUS, noun. (computing) A layer in the abstract architecture of the message system of an organization.
ENTERPRISE UNION, noun. A form of trade union where all members work for the same company rather than having the same trade.
ENTERPRISE UNIONS, noun. Plural of enterprise union

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ENTERPRISE, noun. A purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness); "he had doubts about the whole enterprise".
ENTERPRISE, noun. An organization created for business ventures; "a growing enterprise must have a bold leader".
ENTERPRISE, noun. Readiness to embark on bold new ventures.

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