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CONGLOMERATE, noun. A cluster of heterogeneous things.
CONGLOMERATE, noun. (business) A corporation formed by the combination of several smaller corporations whose activities are unrelated to the corporation's primary activity.
CONGLOMERATE, noun. (geology) A rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embedded in a matrix.
CONGLOMERATE, adjective. Clustered together into a mass.
CONGLOMERATE, adjective. (geology) Composed of stones, pebbles, or fragments of rock, cemented together.
CONGLOMERATE, verb. To combine together into a larger mass.
CONGLOMERATE, verb. (business) To combine together into a larger corporation.

Dictionary definition

CONGLOMERATE, noun. A composite rock made up of particles of varying size.
CONGLOMERATE, noun. A group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization.
CONGLOMERATE, verb. Collect or gather; "Journals are accumulating in my office"; "The work keeps piling up".
CONGLOMERATE, adjective. Composed of heterogeneous elements gathered into a mass; "the conglomerate peoples of New England".

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