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SLATE, noun. (uncountable) A fine-grained homogeneous sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash which has been metamorphosed so that it cleaves easily into thin layers.
SLATE, noun. (uncountable) The bluish-grey colour of most slate.
SLATE, noun. (countable) A sheet of slate for writing on with chalk or with a thin rod of slate (a slate pencil) formerly commonly used by younger children for writing practice in schools.
SLATE, noun. (countable) A roofing-tile made of slate.
SLATE, noun. (countable) A record of money owed.
SLATE, noun. (countable) (chiefly US) A list of affiliated candidates for an election.
SLATE, noun. An artificial material resembling slate and used for the same purposes.
SLATE, noun. A thin plate of any material; a flake.
SLATE, adjective. Having the bluish-grey/gray colour/color of slate.
SLATE, verb. To cover with slate.
SLATE, verb. (chiefly British) To criticise harshly.
SLATE, verb. (chiefly US) To schedule.
SLATE, verb. (chiefly US) To destine or strongly expect.
SLATE, verb. To punish severely.
SLATE BLACK, noun. A purplish black colour.
SLATE BLACK, adjective. Of a purplish black colour.
SLATE BLUE, noun. A dark, bluish-grey colour.
SLATE BLUE, adjective. Of a dark, bluish-grey colour.
SLATE GRAY, noun. A dark bluish grey colour.
SLATE GRAY, adjective. Of a dark bluish grey colour.
SLATE GREY, noun. Alternative form of slate gray

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SLATE, noun. (formerly) a writing tablet made of slate.
SLATE, noun. Thin layers of rock used for roofing.
SLATE, noun. A fine-grained metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers.
SLATE, noun. A list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices.
SLATE, verb. Designate or schedule; "He slated his talk for 9 AM"; "She was slated to be his successor".
SLATE, verb. Enter on a list or slate for an election; "He was slated for borough president".
SLATE, verb. Cover with slate; "slate the roof".

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