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CHIMNEY, noun. A vertical tube or hollow column used to emit environmentally polluting gaseous and solid matter (including but not limited to by-products of burning carbon or hydro-carbon based fuels); a flue.
CHIMNEY, noun. The glass flue surrounding the flame of an oil lamp.
CHIMNEY, noun. (British) The smokestack of a steam locomotive.
CHIMNEY, noun. A narrow cleft in a rock face; a narrow vertical cave passage.
CHIMNEY, verb. (climbing) To negotiate a chimney (sense #4) by pushing against the sides with back, feet, hands, etc.
CHIMNEY CAP, noun. A device to improve the draught of a chimney, by presenting an exit aperture always to leeward.
CHIMNEY CORNER, noun. The side of an open fireplace or hearth in a home, traditionally thought of as a place for the old or unwell.
CHIMNEY CORNERS, noun. Plural of chimney corner
CHIMNEY FLASHING, noun. A strip of material (traditionally lead), sometimes including a short length of flue, around the base of a chimney that prevents rainwater from entering a building
CHIMNEY HOOK, noun. A hook for holding pots and kettles over a fire.
CHIMNEY POT, noun. A short earthenware pipe, placed on top of a chimney to improve the draft.
CHIMNEY POTS, noun. Plural of chimney pot
CHIMNEY STACK, noun. A vertical structure, normally of brick, rising from a roof, containing one or more flues, each one terminating in a chimney pot.
CHIMNEY STACKS, noun. Plural of chimney stack
CHIMNEY SWEEP, noun. A person whose job is to clean soot from chimneys.
CHIMNEY SWEEPS, noun. Plural of chimney sweep
CHIMNEY SWIFT, noun. An rapid-flying bird that feeds on flying insects, Chaetura pelagica, with a breeding range in the eastern US extending into Canada and winter range in northwestern South America.
CHIMNEY SWIFTS, noun. Plural of chimney swift

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CHIMNEY, noun. A vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building.
CHIMNEY, noun. A glass flue surrounding the wick of an oil lamp.

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