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SASH, noun. A piece of cloth designed to be worn around the waist.
SASH, noun. A decorative length of cloth worn over the shoulder to the opposite hip, often for ceremonial or other formal occasions.
SASH, noun. One of the sliding panels on a sash window.
SASH, verb. (transitive) To adorn with a sash or scarf.
SASH, noun. The opening part of a window usually containing the glass panes, hinged to the jamb, or sliding up and down as in a sash window.
SASH, noun. (software) (graphical user interface) A draggable vertical or horizontal bar used to adjust the relative sizes of two adjacent windows.
SASH, noun. In a sawmill, the rectangular frame in which the saw is strained and by which it is carried up and down with a reciprocating motion; the gate.
SASH WEIGHT, noun. An object used as counterweight for a sash on a sash window panel
SASH WEIGHTS, noun. Plural of sash weight
SASH WINDOW, noun. A window consisting of two sliding panels (sashes).
SASH WINDOWS, noun. Plural of sash window

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SASH, noun. A framework that holds the panes of a window in the window frame.
SASH, noun. A band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers.

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