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SLIDING, verb. Present participle of slide
SLIDING, noun. The motion of something that slides.
SLIDING, adjective. Of something that can slide
SLIDING DOOR, noun. A door that opens and closes by sliding to the side; sometimes one of a pair.
SLIDING DOORS, noun. Plural of sliding door
SLIDING FILAMENT MODEL, noun. (biology) A theory relating to a series of actions by the actin and myosin filaments that enable the muscle to undergo contraction.
SLIDING POND, noun. (literally obsolete) A frozen pond on which people skate.
SLIDING POND, noun. (obsolete) An area of the ground or flooring made very smooth so people may slide.
SLIDING POND, noun. (New York City) A slide (object onto which children climb and down which they slide).
SLIDING PONDS, noun. Plural of sliding pond
SLIDING SCALE, noun. A pricing scheme for a product or service were a price range is set and the customer is charged based on where their financial resources fall within the price range
SLIDING SCALES, noun. Plural of sliding scale
SLIDING TACKLE, noun. Slide tackle

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SLIDING, adjective. Being a smooth continuous motion.

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