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BACKWARDS, adjective. Oriented toward the back.
BACKWARDS, adjective. Reversed.
BACKWARDS, adjective. (derogatory) Behind current trends or technology.
BACKWARDS, adjective. Clumsy, inept, or inefficient.
BACKWARDS, adverb. Toward the back.
BACKWARDS, adverb. In the opposite direction to usual.
BACKWARDS, adverb. In a manner such that the back precedes the front.
BACKWARDS COMPLIMENT, noun. Alternative form of backward compliment
BACKWARDS ROLL, noun. (gymnastics) A movement in which one's body is rolled backwards, by crouching on the ground and lifting one's legs complete over one's head and lifting the head at the end.
BACKWARDS ROLLS, noun. Plural of backwards roll

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BACKWARDS, adverb. At or to or toward the back or rear; "he moved back"; "tripped when he stepped backward"; "she looked rearward out the window of the car".
BACKWARDS, adverb. In a manner or order or direction the reverse of normal; "it's easy to get the `i' and the `e' backward in words like `seize' and `siege'"; "the child put her jersey on backward".

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