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JERK, noun. A sudden, often uncontrolled movement, especially of the body.
JERK, noun. A quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
JERK, noun. (US) (slang) (pejorative) A dull or stupid person.
JERK, noun. (US) (slang) (pejorative) A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered, or disagreeable.
JERK, noun. (physics) (engineering) The rate of change in acceleration with respect to time.
JERK, noun. (obsolete) A soda jerk.
JERK, noun. (weightlifting) A lift in which the weight is taken with a quick motion from shoulder height to a position above the head with arms fully extended and held there for a brief time.
JERK, verb. (intransitive) To make a sudden uncontrolled movement.
JERK, verb. (transitive) To give a quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.
JERK, verb. (US) (slang) (vulgar) To masturbate.
JERK, verb. (obsolete) To beat, to hit.
JERK, verb. (obsolete) To throw with a quick and suddenly arrested motion of the hand.
JERK, verb. (usually transitive) (weightlifting) To lift using a jerk.
JERK, verb. (obsolete) To flout with contempt.
JERK, noun. (Caribbean) A rich, spicy Jamaican marinade
JERK, noun. (Caribbean) Meat cured by jerking; charqui.
JERK, verb. To cure (meat) by cutting it into strips and drying it, originally in the sun.
JERK AROUND, verb. (idiomatic) to cheat or treat unfairly
JERK AROUND, verb. (intransitive) To act foolishly
JERK ASS, noun. Alternative form of jerkass
JERK ASSES, noun. Plural of jerk ass
JERK OFF, verb. (dated) Used other than as an idiom: see jerk,‎ off.
JERK OFF, verb. (idiomatic) (slang) To masturbate, usually a male.
JERK OFF, verb. (intransitive) (vulgar) To do nothing; to waste time.
JERK OFF, verb. (transitive) (vulgar) To deceive.
JERK OFF, noun. (vulgar) (slang) (US) an annoying person.
JERK OFFS, noun. Plural of jerk off
JERK THE GHERKIN, verb. (slang) (vulgar) To masturbate.
JERK WATER, verb. (US) (railroads) (dated) To fill a steam locomotive water tank manually from natural water supplies.
JERK WATER, adjective. (US) (colloquial) (pejorative) Of inhabited places, small, insignificant, isolated, backwards

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JERK, noun. A dull stupid fatuous person.
JERK, noun. An abrupt spasmodic movement.
JERK, noun. (mechanics) the rate of change of acceleration.
JERK, noun. Meat (especially beef) cut in strips and dried in the sun.
JERK, noun. Raising a weight from shoulder height to above the head by straightening the arms.
JERK, noun. A sudden abrupt pull.
JERK, verb. Pull, or move with a sudden movement; "He turned the handle and jerked the door open".
JERK, verb. Move with abrupt, seemingly uncontrolled motions; "The patient's legs were jerkings".
JERK, verb. Make an uncontrolled, short, jerky motion; "his face is twitching".
JERK, verb. Jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched; "the yung filly bucked".
JERK, verb. Throw or toss with a quick motion; "flick a piece of paper across the table"; "jerk his head".

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