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SOCKET, noun. (mechanics) An opening into which a plug or other connecting part is designed to fit (e.g. a light bulb socket).
SOCKET, noun. (anatomy) A hollow into a bone which a part fits, such as an eye, or another bone, in the case of a joint.
SOCKET, noun. (computing) A two-way named pipe on Unix and Unix-like systems, used for interprocess communication.
SOCKET, verb. To place or fit in a socket.
SOCKET BOLT, noun. A bolt that passes through a thimble that is placed between the parts connected by the bolt.
SOCKET PIPE, noun. A pipe with an expansion at one end to receive the end of a connecting pipe.
SOCKET POLE, noun. (US) A pole armed with iron fixed on by means of a socket, and used to propel boats, etc.
SOCKET WRENCH, noun. A type of wrench featuring multiple interchangeable socket heads (each designed to fit a particular size of bolt head or other fastener) which can be attached by a socket arrangement to a ratcheting wrench handle or other driver.
SOCKET WRENCHES, noun. Plural of socket wrench

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SOCKET, noun. A bony hollow into which a structure fits.
SOCKET, noun. Receptacle where something (a pipe or probe or end of a bone) is inserted.
SOCKET, noun. A receptacle into which an electric device can be inserted.

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