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SWITCH, noun. A device to turn electric current on and off or direct its flow.
SWITCH, noun. A change.
SWITCH, noun. (rail transport) (US) A movable section of railroad track which allows the train to be directed down one of two destination tracks; point.
SWITCH, noun. A slender woody plant stem used as a whip; a thin, flexible rod, associated with corporal punishment in the United States.
SWITCH, noun. (computer science) A command line notation allowing specification of optional behavior.
SWITCH, noun. (computing) (programming) A programming construct that takes different actions depending on the value of an expression.
SWITCH, noun. (computing) (networking) A networking device connecting multiple wires, allowing them to communicate simultaneously, when possible. Compare to the less efficient hub device that solely duplicates network packets to each wire.
SWITCH, noun. (telecommunication) A system of specialized relays, computer hardware, or other equipment which allows the interconnection of a calling party's telephone line with any called party's line.
SWITCH, noun. (BDSM) One who is willing to take either a sadistic or a masochistic role.
SWITCH, noun. A separate mass or tress of hair, or of some substance (such as jute) made to resemble hair, formerly worn on the head by women.
SWITCH, verb. (transitive) To exchange.
SWITCH, verb. (transitive) To change (something) to the specified state using a switch.
SWITCH, verb. (transitive) To whip or hit with a switch.
SWITCH, verb. (intransitive) To change places, tasks, etc.
SWITCH, verb. (slang) (intransitive) To get angry suddenly; to quickly or unreasonably become enraged.
SWITCH, verb. To swing or whisk.
SWITCH, verb. To be swung or whisked.
SWITCH, verb. To trim.
SWITCH, verb. To turn from one railway track to another; to transfer by a switch; generally with off, from, etc.
SWITCH, verb. (ecclesiastical) To shift to another circuit.
SWITCH, adjective. (snowboarding) riding with the front and back feet swapped round compared to one's normal position.
SWITCH GRASS, noun. Panicum virgatum, a dominant species of the central North American tallgrass prairie.
SWITCH HITTER, noun. Alternative spelling of switch-hitter
SWITCH HITTERS, noun. Plural of switch hitter
SWITCH HOOK, noun. Alternative form of switchhook
SWITCH HOOKS, noun. Plural of switch hook
SWITCH HORN, noun. (military) In naval mine warfare, a switch in a mine operated by a projecting spike.
SWITCH HORNS, noun. Plural of switch horn
SWITCH OFF, verb. (transitive) to turn a switch to the "off" position in order to stop or disable a device
SWITCH OFF, verb. (idiomatic) to lose interest, and start thinking about something else
SWITCH OFF, verb. (intransitive) (idiomatic) To alternate between; to trade.
SWITCH ON, verb. (transitive) to turn a switch to the "on" position in order to start or enable a device
SWITCH ON, verb. (idiomatic) to change one's expression or appearance as if by turning a switch
SWITCH PITCHER, noun. (baseball) A pitcher who pitches both right-handed and left-handed.
SWITCH PITCHERS, noun. Plural of switch pitcher

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SWITCH, noun. Control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit.
SWITCH, noun. An event in which one thing is substituted for another; "the replacement of lost blood by a transfusion of donor blood".
SWITCH, noun. Hairpiece consisting of a tress of false hair; used by women to give shape to a coiffure.
SWITCH, noun. Railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections; used to turn a train from one track to another or to store rolling stock.
SWITCH, noun. A flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment.
SWITCH, noun. A basketball maneuver; two defensive players shift assignments so that each guards the player usually guarded by the other.
SWITCH, noun. The act of changing one thing or position for another; "his switch on abortion cost him the election".
SWITCH, verb. Change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence.
SWITCH, verb. Exchange or give (something) in exchange for.
SWITCH, verb. Lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; "switch to a different brand of beer"; "She switched psychiatrists"; "The car changed lanes".
SWITCH, verb. Make a shift in or exchange of; "First Joe led; then we switched".
SWITCH, verb. Cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation; "switch on the light"; "throw the lever".
SWITCH, verb. Flog with or as if with a flexible rod.
SWITCH, verb. Reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action).

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