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TELEPHONE, noun. A telecommunication device (originally mechanical, and now electronic) used for two-way talking with another person (often shortened to phone).
TELEPHONE, noun. (US) Chinese whispers.
TELEPHONE, verb. To (attempt to) contact someone using the telephone.
TELEPHONE ANSWERING MACHINE, noun. Alternative term for answering machine
TELEPHONE BOOK, noun. A printed telephone directory.
TELEPHONE BOOKS, noun. Plural of telephone book
TELEPHONE BOOTH, noun. A small enclosure housing a public telephone
TELEPHONE BOOTHS, noun. Plural of telephone booth
TELEPHONE BOX, noun. (British and Ireland) A small enclosure housing a public telephone
TELEPHONE CALL, noun. A connection established over a telephone network between two parties.
TELEPHONE CALL, noun. The conversation held by the two parties on this connection.
TELEPHONE CALLS, noun. Plural of telephone call
TELEPHONE CARD, noun. A plastic card used to pay for telephone services.
TELEPHONE CARDS, noun. Plural of telephone card
TELEPHONE CONFERENCE, noun. A conference held by telephone. An arranged phone call between more than two parties.
TELEPHONE CONFERENCE, noun. (by extension) Any multi-party telephone call.
TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES, noun. Plural of telephone directory
TELEPHONE DIRECTORY, noun. A listing of telephone subscribers in a specific geographical area, together with their telephone numbers and, sometimes, a street address.
TELEPHONE EXCHANGE, noun. Any equipment that establishes connections between telephones
TELEPHONE EXCHANGE, noun. The rooms housing such equipment
TELEPHONE JACK, noun. A jack on a wall used to connect a telephone to the telephone line.
TELEPHONE JACKS, noun. Plural of telephone jack
TELEPHONE KIOSK, noun. (UK) A telephone booth
TELEPHONE LINE, noun. The infrastructure which allows a single telephone to be connected to the network and conduct independent calls.
TELEPHONE LINES, noun. Plural of telephone line
TELEPHONE NUMBER, noun. The sequence of digits used to identify a particular destination telephone in a network.
TELEPHONE NUMBER, noun. (in the plural) (humorous) A large number.
TELEPHONE NUMBERS, noun. Plural of telephone number
TELEPHONE OPERATOR, noun. A person who operates a telephone switchboard
TELEPHONE OPERATOR, noun. A person who provides assistance in establishing a connection, or who provides information or takes messages via the telephone
TELEPHONE OPERATORS, noun. Plural of telephone operator
TELEPHONE POLE, noun. (British) A utility pole that supports telephone lines
TELEPHONE POLES, noun. Plural of telephone pole
TELEPHONE TAG, noun. (idiomatic) A situation in which a person unsuccessfully attempts to contact another person by telephone and leaves a message instead, and in which the second person then unsuccessfully attempts to return the initial call and leaves a message for the first person, and so on as if the two are playing a game of tag in which the most recent person to have been left with a message is now designated as "it" (i.e. as the player now obliged to chase the other and to attempt anew to make contact).

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TELEPHONE, noun. Electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone".
TELEPHONE, noun. Transmitting speech at a distance.
TELEPHONE, verb. Get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning".

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