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ANONYMOUS, adjective. (not comparable) Lacking a name; not named and determined, as an animal not assigned to any species.
ANONYMOUS, adjective. (not comparable) Without any name acknowledged of a person responsible, as that of author, contributor, or the like.
ANONYMOUS, adjective. (not comparable) Of unknown name; whose name is withheld
ANONYMOUS, adjective. (comparable) (figurative) Lacking individuality.
ANONYMOUS, proper noun. A hacktivist group opposed to internet censorship, government corruption, homophobia and Scientology.
ANONYMOUS CLASS, noun. (software) (object-oriented) A class without a name, available only in the scope where it is defined.
ANONYMOUS CLASSES, noun. Plural of anonymous class
ANONYMOUS PIPE, noun. (computing) A simplex FIFO communication channel that may be used for one-way interprocess communication.
ANONYMOUS PIPES, noun. Plural of anonymous pipe

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ANONYMOUS, adjective. Having no known name or identity or known source; "anonymous authors"; "anonymous donors"; "an anonymous gift".
ANONYMOUS, adjective. Not known or lacking marked individuality; "brown anonymous houses"; "anonymous bureaucrats in the Civil Service".

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