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HACKER, noun. Something that hacks; a tool or device for hacking.
HACKER, noun. Someone who hacks.
HACKER, noun. Particularly, one who cuts with rough or heavy blows.
HACKER, noun. Particularly, one who kicks wildly or roughly.
HACKER, noun. Particularly, one who is consistent and focuses on accomplishing a task or several tasks.
HACKER, noun. (computing) One who is expert at programming and solving problems with a computer.
HACKER, noun. (computing) one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data, or to carry out malicious attacks.
HACKER, noun. (computing) a computer security professional
HACKER, noun. (US) one who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity, especially a sport such as golf or tennis.
HACKER, noun. (US) one who operates a taxicab

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HACKER, noun. Someone who plays golf poorly.
HACKER, noun. A programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism.
HACKER, noun. A programmer for whom computing is its own reward; may enjoy the challenge of breaking into other computers but does no harm; "true hackers subscribe to a code of ethics and look down upon crackers".
HACKER, noun. One who works hard at boring tasks.

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