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LEVY, verb. To impose (a tax or fine) to collect monies due, or to confiscate property.
LEVY, verb. To raise or collect by assessment; to exact by authority.
LEVY, verb. To draft someone into military service.
LEVY, verb. To raise; to collect; said of troops, to form into an army by enrolment, conscription. etc.
LEVY, verb. To wage war.
LEVY, verb. To raise, as a siege.
LEVY, verb. (legal) To erect, build, or set up; to make or construct; to raise or cast up.
LEVY, noun. The act of levying.
LEVY, noun. The tax, property or people so levied.
LEVY, noun. (US) (obsolete) (Pennsylvania) (Maryland) (Virginia) The Spanish real of one eighth of a dollar, valued at elevenpence when the dollar was rated at seven shillings and sixpence.
LEVY, proper noun. A surname​.
LÉVY FLIGHT, noun. (mathematics) A type of random walk in which the increments are distributed according to a “heavy-tailed” distribution i.e. there are a significant number of large increments
LÉVY FLIGHTS, noun. Plural of Lévy flight
LÉVY GLASS, noun. An inhomogeneous medium, containing small spheres of varying size, in which the path of a light ray follows a Lévy flight
LEVY IN MASS, noun. A requisition of all able-bodied men for military service.

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LEVY, noun. A charge imposed and collected.
LEVY, noun. The act of drafting into military service.
LEVY, verb. Impose and collect; "levy a fine".
LEVY, verb. Cause to assemble or enlist in the military; "raise an army"; "recruit new soldiers".

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