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WRIT, noun. (legal) A written order, issued by a court, ordering someone to do (or stop doing) something.
WRIT, noun. Authority, power to enforce compliance
WRIT, noun. (obsolete) that which is written; writing
WRIT, verb. (dated) (nonstandard) past participle of write
WRIT LARGE, adjective. Used other than as an idiom: see writ,‎ large,‎ larger,‎ largest.
WRIT LARGE, adjective. (figuratively) Magnified; on a large scale.
WRIT LARGE, adjective. (figuratively) Readily discerned, unmistakably indicated.
WRIT LARGER, adjective. Comparative form of writ large: more writ large
WRIT LARGEST, adjective. Superlative form of writ large: most writ large
WRIT OF ASSISTANCE, noun. (historical) (US) a court order that authorized customs officers to conduct general searches of premises for contraband; a form of search warrant
WRIT OF EXECUTION, noun. (legal) a court order authorising an officer to carry a judgment into execution.
WRIT OF EXECUTION, noun. (legal) (US) a court order authorising an officer to seize and sell the judgment debtor's property in order to pay his judgment debt.
WRIT OF INQUIRY, noun. (legal) A writ issued in certain actions at law, where the defendant has suffered judgment to pass against him by default, in order to ascertain and assess the plaintiff's damages, where they cannot readily be ascertained by mere calculation.
WRIT OF MANDAMUS, noun. (legal) A writ that compels a government entity to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly.
WRIT OF RIGHT, noun. (legal) A writ which lay to recover lands in fee simple, unjustly withheld from the true owner.
WRIT OF SUMMONS, noun. (legal) Synonym of summons.

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WRIT, noun. (law) a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer.

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