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ERROR, noun. (uncountable) The state, quality, or condition of being wrong.
ERROR, noun. (countable) A mistake; an accidental wrong action or a false statement not made deliberately.
ERROR, noun. (computing) (countable) A failure to complete a task, usually involving a premature termination.
ERROR, noun. ​(statistics) (countable) The difference between a measured or calculated value and a true one.
ERROR, noun. (baseball) (countable) A play which is scored as having been made incorrectly.
ERROR, noun. (appellate legal) (uncountable) One or more mistakes in a trial that could be grounds for review of the judgement.
ERROR, noun. Any alteration in the DNA chemical structure occurring during DNA replication, recombination or repairing.
ERROR, verb. (computing) To function improperly due to an error, especially accompanied by error message.
ERROR, verb. (telecommunications) To show or contain an error or fault.
ERROR, verb. (nonstandard) To err.
ERROR BAR, noun. (sciences) A bar used on a graphs to indicate the range of one standard deviation in the result of an experimental measurement.
ERROR CATASTROPHE, noun. (biology) The extinction of an organism (usually microorganisms) due to excessive RNA mutations.
ERROR FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) (statistics) A sigmoid function giving the probability that a measurement, under the influence of normally distributed errors with standard deviation, is within a certain distance from the mean value.
ERROR FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of error function
ERROR MESSAGE, noun. (computing) A message displayed when an unexpected condition occurs, usually on a computer or device.
ERROR MESSAGES, noun. Plural of error message
ERROR OF THE FIRST KIND, noun. (statistics) type I error
ERROR OF THE SECOND KIND, noun. (statistics) type II error

Dictionary definition

ERROR, noun. A wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention; "he made a bad mistake"; "she was quick to point out my errors"; "I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults".
ERROR, noun. Inadvertent incorrectness.
ERROR, noun. A misconception resulting from incorrect information.
ERROR, noun. (baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed.
ERROR, noun. Departure from what is ethically acceptable.
ERROR, noun. (computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer.
ERROR, noun. Part of a statement that is not correct; "the book was full of errors".

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