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SQUARE, noun. (geometry) A polygon with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90 degrees; a regular quadrilateral whose angles are all 90 degrees.
SQUARE, noun. An L- or T-shaped tool used to place objects or draw lines at right angles.
SQUARE, noun. An open space in a town, not necessarily square in shape, often containing trees, seating and other features pleasing to the eye.
SQUARE, noun. A cell in a grid.
SQUARE, noun. (mathematics) The second power of a number, value, term or expression.
SQUARE, noun. (military) A body of troops drawn up in a square formation.
SQUARE, noun. (slang) A socially conventional person; typically associated with the 1950s
SQUARE, noun. (British) The symbol # on a telephone; hash.
SQUARE, noun. (cricket) The central area of a cricket field, with one ore more pitches of which only one is used at a time.
SQUARE, noun. (real estate jargon) A unit of measurement of area, equal to a 10 foot by 10 foot square, ie. 100 square feet or roughly 9.3 square metres. Used in real estate for the size of a house or its rooms, though progressively being replaced by square metres in metric countries such as Australia.
SQUARE, noun. (roofing) A unit used in measuring roof area equivalent to 100 square feet (9.29 m2) of roof area.
SQUARE, noun. (North America) A dessert cut into rectangular pieces, or a piece of such a dessert.
SQUARE, noun. (academia) A mortarboard
SQUARE, noun. (colloquial) (US) A square meal.
SQUARE, noun. A pane of glass.
SQUARE, noun. (printing) A certain number of lines, forming a portion of a column, nearly square; used chiefly in reckoning the prices of advertisements in newspapers.
SQUARE, noun. (archaic) Exact proportion; justness of workmanship and conduct; regularity; rule.
SQUARE, noun. The relation of harmony, or exact agreement; equality; level.
SQUARE, noun. (astrology) The position of planets distant ninety degrees from each other; a quadrate.
SQUARE, noun. (dated) The act of squaring, or quarrelling; a quarrel.
SQUARE, noun. The front of a woman's dress over the bosom, usually worked or embroidered.
SQUARE, noun. (slang) cigarette.
SQUARE, adjective. Shaped like a square (the polygon).
SQUARE, adjective. Forming a right angle, especially (nautical) at right angles with the mast or the keel, and parallel to the horizon; said of the yards of a square-rigged vessel when they are so braced.
SQUARE, adjective. Used in the names of units of area formed by multiplying a unit of length by itself.
SQUARE, adjective. Honest; straightforward.
SQUARE, adjective. Fair.
SQUARE, adjective. Even; tied
SQUARE, adjective. ​(slang) Socially conventional; boring.
SQUARE, adjective. (cricket) In line with the batsman's popping crease.
SQUARE, adjective. Correctly aligned with respect to something else.
SQUARE, adjective. Hearty; vigorous
SQUARE, adjective. Having a shape broad for the height, with angular rather than curving outlines.
SQUARE, verb. (transitive) To adjust so as to align with or place at a right angle to something else.
SQUARE, verb. To resolve.
SQUARE, verb. To adjust or adapt so as to bring into harmony with something.
SQUARE, verb. (transitive) (mathematics) Of a value, term, or expression, to multiply by itself; to raise to the second power.
SQUARE, verb. (transitive) To draw, with a pair of compasses and a straightedge only, a square with the same area as.
SQUARE, verb. (soccer) To make a short low pass sideways across the pitch
SQUARE, verb. (archaic) To take opposing sides; to quarrel.
SQUARE, verb. To accord or agree exactly; to be consistent with; to suit; to fit.
SQUARE, verb. (obsolete) To go to opposite sides; to take an attitude of offense or defense, or of defiance; to quarrel.
SQUARE, verb. To take a boxing attitude; often with up or off.
SQUARE, verb. To form with four sides and four right angles.
SQUARE, verb. To form with right angles and straight lines, or flat surfaces.
SQUARE, verb. To compare with, or reduce to, any given measure or standard.
SQUARE, verb. (astrology) To hold a quartile position respecting.
SQUARE, verb. (nautical) To place at right angles with the keel.
SQUARE AWAY, verb. (idiomatic) To finish, complete, tidy or put in order.
SQUARE AWAY, verb. (nautical) To square the ships' yards to make her run before the wind, with the wind blowing straight from the stern.
SQUARE BALL, noun. (soccer) A pass played square (not forward or backward, i.e. sideways)
SQUARE BALL, noun. (Gaelic football) (hurling) A foul where a player on the attacking team enters the opposing team's small square inside the penalty area before the ball does.
SQUARE BALLS, noun. Plural of square ball
SQUARE BASHING, noun. (British) (slang) (military) Marching drills and other military exercises practiced on a parade ground.
SQUARE BRACKET, noun. Either of a pair of symbols, [ ], used for various purposes, e.g. to enclose text inserted or replaced by an editor, to indicate various mathematical operations, and to indicate a link in MediaWiki syntax.
SQUARE BRACKETS, noun. Plural of square bracket
SQUARE CENTIMETER, noun. (US) A unit of area equal to that of a square of sides 1cm.
SQUARE CENTIMETERS, noun. Plural of square centimeter
SQUARE CENTIMETRE, noun. UK and Canada spelling of square centimeter
SQUARE CENTIMETRES, noun. Plural of square centimetre
SQUARE CIRCLE, noun. (philately) a cancellation mark consisting of an outer ring of concentric circles, cropped into a square shape.
SQUARE DANCE, noun. (uncountable) Square dancing.
SQUARE DANCE, noun. (countable) A particular instance of square dancing.
SQUARE DANCE, verb. To take part in square dancing; to dance this type of dancing.
SQUARE DANCER, noun. Someone who does square dancing.
SQUARE DANCES, noun. Plural of square dance
SQUARE DANCES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of square dance
SQUARE DANCING, noun. A type of dance in which eight dancers are arranged in a square as four couples, with a caller calling or singing out the movements that the dancers are to perform.
SQUARE DIVISION, noun. (military) a division composed of two brigades
SQUARE DIVISION, noun. (military) a division composed of four regiments
SQUARE DIVISION, noun. (military) a division composed of two brigades of two regiments each
SQUARE DIVISIONS, noun. Plural of square division
SQUARE DRIVE, noun. (cricket) A shot played by swinging the bat down through the line of the ball, hitting it along the ground in the direction of point.
SQUARE DRIVES, noun. Plural of square drive
SQUARE EYES, noun. (humorous) A supposed ailment caused by prolonged watching of television or computer screens.
SQUARE FEET, noun. Plural of square foot
SQUARE FOOT, noun. A unit of area equal to the area of a square the sides of which are each one foot long.
SQUARE FOOTAGE, noun. Area (the measure of an extent of surface), in square feet.
SQUARE FOOTAGE, noun. (informal) Area (an extent of surface), especially of real estate.
SQUARE FOOTAGES, noun. Plural of square footage
SQUARE INCH, noun. A unit of area equal to the area of a square the sides of which are each one inch long.
SQUARE INCHES, noun. Plural of square inch
SQUARE KILOMETER, noun. American spelling standard spelling of square kilometre.
SQUARE KILOMETERS, noun. Plural of square kilometer
SQUARE KILOMETRE, noun. Standard unit of area, symbol km2, equal to the area of a square whose sides are one kilometre long; 106 square metres.
SQUARE KILOMETRES, noun. Plural of square kilometre
SQUARE KNOT, noun. A common binding knot in which the terminal and standing parts are parallel to each other.
SQUARE KNOTS, noun. Plural of square knot
SQUARE LEG, noun. (cricket) A fielding position on the leg side, square of the batsman's wicket, between leg gully and midwicket; a fielder in that position.
SQUARE LEG UMPIRE, noun. (cricket) The umpire who stands at or near square leg to rule on decisions at the batsman's end of the wicket. In some circumstances, the umpire may stand at the equivalent position on the opposite side of the batsman (between gully and point), but is still referred to as the square leg umpire in these circumstances.
SQUARE LEG UMPIRES, noun. Plural of square leg umpire
SQUARE MATRICES, noun. Plural of square matrix
SQUARE MATRIX, noun. (mathematics) A matrix having the same number of rows as columns.
SQUARE MEAL, noun. (idiomatic) A satisfying meal, especially suitable for one performing physical labor.
SQUARE MEALS, noun. Plural of square meal
SQUARE METER, noun. American spelling spelling of square metre
SQUARE METERS, noun. Plural of square meter
SQUARE METRE, noun. (British spelling) A standard unit of area, symbol m2, equal to the area of a square whose sides are one metre long.
SQUARE METRES, noun. Plural of square metre
SQUARE MILE, noun. A unit of area (abbreviation sq mi or sq. mi. or mi2) equal to the area of a square the sides of which are each one mile long.
SQUARE MILE, proper noun. The City of London
SQUARE MILES, noun. Plural of square mile
SQUARE OFF, verb. To get ready for a fight
SQUARE OFF, verb. To get in the fighting position
SQUARE ONE, noun. (idiomatic) the place where one begins; a lack of progress
SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE, noun. (idiomatic) Something or someone that does not fit well or at all; something that will not succeed as attempted, except possibly with much force and effort, or alteration of either the peg or the hole or both beyond recognition.
SQUARE PEG INTO A ROUND HOLE, noun. (Can we clean up([1]) this sense?) (idiomatic) Something or someone that does not fit well or at all; something that will not succeed as attempted, except possibly with much force and effort.
SQUARE PIANO, noun. A piano with a horizontal frame and an oblong case.
SQUARE PYRAMID, noun. (geometry) A three-dimensional geometric figure with a square base and four triangular sides that connect at one point. An example is the Great Pyramid of Giza.
SQUARE PYRAMIDS, noun. Plural of square pyramid
SQUARE RIGGED, adjective. Of a sailing ship, having the horizontal spars perpendicular to the keel of the ship.
SQUARE ROD, noun. A unit of area used for measuring small quantities of land. Equal in size to a square with sides 1 rod in length. Equal to 30¼ square yards or 1/160 acre. Sometimes known, simply, as a rod.
SQUARE ROD, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see square,‎ rod.
SQUARE ROOT, noun. (mathematics) Of a number, another number which, when squared, yields the original number; sometimes constrained to be the positive number when two solutions exist.
SQUARE ROOTS, noun. Plural of square root
SQUARE SAIL, noun. (nautical) A sail bent to a horizontal yard set athwartships.
SQUARE SAILS, noun. Plural of square sail
SQUARE SCOOTER, noun. A square plank made from plastic or wood which is attached to four swivel casters at the corners.
SQUARE SCOOTERS, noun. Plural of square scooter
SQUARE SHOOTER, noun. (idiomatic) A person who is fair, trustworthy, or forthright; a person who bargains or transacts business in a fair, honest manner.
SQUARE STERN, noun. (nautical) A stern having a transom and joining the counter timbers at an angle, as distinguished from a round stern, which has no transom.
SQUARE TAB SHINGLE, noun. (roofing) Shingle with tabs that are all the same size and exposure.
SQUARE TAB SHINGLES, noun. Plural of square tab shingle
SQUARE THE CIRCLE, verb. (geometry) To construct a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge.
SQUARE THE CIRCLE, verb. To solve a famously difficult or impossible problem.
SQUARE UP, verb. To get ready for a fight
SQUARE UP, verb. To get in the fighting position
SQUARE UP, verb. To face (someone) in a contest.
SQUARE UP, verb. To pay back money that is owed
SQUARE WAVE, noun. (maths) (engineering) (signal processing) A function or waveform that alternates regularly and instantaneously between two levels.
SQUARE WAVES, noun. Plural of square wave
SQUARE YARD, noun. A unit of area (abbreviation sq yd or sq. yd.) equal to the area of a square the sides of which are one yard long. (i.e. 3 feet by 3 feet or 9 square feet)
SQUARE YARDS, noun. Plural of square yard

Dictionary definition

SQUARE, noun. (geometry) a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles; a four-sided regular polygon; "you can compute the area of a square if you know the length of its sides".
SQUARE, noun. The product of two equal terms; "nine is the second power of three"; "gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance".
SQUARE, noun. An open area at the meeting of two or more streets.
SQUARE, noun. Something approximating the shape of a square.
SQUARE, noun. Someone who doesn't understand what is going on.
SQUARE, noun. A formal and conservative person with old-fashioned views.
SQUARE, noun. Any artifact having a shape similar to a plane geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles; "a checkerboard has 64 squares".
SQUARE, noun. A hand tool consisting of two straight arms at right angles; used to construct or test right angles; "the carpenter who built this room must have lost his square".
SQUARE, verb. Make square; "Square the circle"; "square the wood with a file".
SQUARE, verb. Raise to the second power.
SQUARE, verb. Cause to match, as of ideas or acts.
SQUARE, verb. Position so as to be square; "He squared his shoulders".
SQUARE, verb. Be compatible with; "one idea squares with another".
SQUARE, verb. Pay someone and settle a debt; "I squared with him".
SQUARE, verb. Turn the paddle; in canoeing.
SQUARE, verb. Turn the oar, while rowing.
SQUARE, adverb. In a straight direct way; "looked him squarely in the eye"; "ran square into me".
SQUARE, adverb. In a square shape; "a squarely cut piece of paper"; "folded the sheet of paper square".
SQUARE, adverb. Firmly and solidly; "hit the ball squarely"; "the bat met the ball squarely"; "planted his great bulk square before his enemy".
SQUARE, adjective. Having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle; "a square peg in a round hole"; "a square corner".
SQUARE, adjective. Characterized by honesty and fairness; "straight dealing"; "a square deal".
SQUARE, adjective. Providing abundant nourishment; "a hearty meal"; "good solid food"; "ate a substantial breakfast"; "four square meals a day".
SQUARE, adjective. Leaving no balance; "my account with you is now all square".
SQUARE, adjective. Without evasion or compromise; "a square contradiction"; "he is not being as straightforward as it appears".
SQUARE, adjective. Rigidly conventional or old-fashioned.

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