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TRIANGULAR, adjective. Shaped like a triangle.
TRIANGULAR, adjective. Of, or pertaining to, triangles.
TRIANGULAR, adjective. Having a triangle as a base; as, a triangular prism, a triangular pyramid.
TRIANGULAR, adjective. Having three elements or parties; trilateral, tripartite.
TRIANGULAR COLON, noun. A diacritical mark, used in IPA, consisting of two triangles.
TRIANGULAR COLONS, noun. Plural of triangular colon
TRIANGULAR DIVISION, noun. (military) a division composed of three regiments
TRIANGULAR DIVISIONS, noun. Plural of triangular division
TRIANGULAR HARP, noun. Synonym of frame harp.
TRIANGULAR HARPS, noun. Plural of triangular harp
TRIANGULAR HEBESPHENOROTUNDA, noun. (geometry) A polyhedron, one of the Johnson solids, whose faces are composed of 13 triangles, 3 squares, 3 pentagons, and 1 hexagon.
TRIANGULAR NUMBER, noun. (mathematics) Any integer that is the sum of n natural numbers from 1 to n.
TRIANGULAR NUMBERS, noun. Plural of triangular number
TRIANGULAR PRISM, noun. A prism with a triangular base.
TRIANGULAR PRISMS, noun. Plural of triangular prism
TRIANGULAR PYRAMID, noun. A three-dimensional figure with four triangular bases.
TRIANGULAR PYRAMIDS, noun. Plural of triangular pyramid

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TRIANGULAR, adjective. Having three angles; forming or shaped like a triangle; "a triangular figure"; "a triangular pyrimid has a triangle for a base".
TRIANGULAR, adjective. Having three sides; "a trilateral figure".

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