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TRUSS, noun. A bandage and belt used to hold a hernia in place.
TRUSS, noun. (architecture) A structure made up of one or more triangular units made from straight beams of wood or metal, which is used to support a structure as in a roof or bridge.
TRUSS, noun. (architecture) A triangular bracket.
TRUSS, noun. An old English farming measurement. One truss of straw equalled 36 pounds, a truss of old hay equalled 56 pounds, a truss of new hay equalled 60 pounds, and 36 trusses equalled one load.
TRUSS, noun. (obsolete) A bundle; a package.
TRUSS, noun. (historical) A padded jacket or dress worn under armour, to protect the body from the effects of friction.
TRUSS, noun. (historical) Part of a woman's dress; a stomacher.
TRUSS, noun. (botany) A tuft of flowers formed at the top of the main stem of certain plants.
TRUSS, noun. (nautical) The rope or iron used to keep the centre of a yard to the mast.
TRUSS, verb. (transitive) To tie up a bird before cooking it.
TRUSS, verb. (transitive) To secure or bind with ropes.
TRUSS, verb. (transitive) To support.
TRUSS, verb. To take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce upon.
TRUSS, verb. To strengthen or stiffen, as a beam or girder, by means of a brace or braces.
TRUSS, verb. (slang) (archaic) To execute by hanging; to hang; usually with up.

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TRUSS, noun. (medicine) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure.
TRUSS, noun. A framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure.
TRUSS, noun. (architecture) a triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent).
TRUSS, verb. Tie the wings and legs of a bird before cooking it.
TRUSS, verb. Secure with or as if with ropes; "tie down the prisoners"; "tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed".
TRUSS, verb. Support structurally; "truss the roofs"; "trussed bridges".

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