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WELD, proper noun. A surname​ possibly deriving from the word for woodland. The family is mainly located in the Southern regions of England.
WELD, noun. A herb (Reseda luteola) related to mignonette, growing in Europe, and to some extent in America, used to make a yellow dye.
WELD, noun. The yellow coloring matter or dye extracted from this plant.
WELD, verb. (transitive) To bind together inseparably; to unite closely or intimately.
WELD, verb. (transitive) To join two materials (especially two metals) together by applying heat, pressure and filler, either separately or in any combination.
WELD, noun. The state of being welded.
WELD, noun. The joint made by welding.
WELD, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To wield.
WELD STEEL, noun. A compound of iron, such as puddled steel, made without complete fusion.

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WELD, noun. European mignonette cultivated as a source of yellow dye; naturalized in North America.
WELD, noun. United States abolitionist (1803-1895).
WELD, noun. A metal joint formed by softening with heat and fusing or hammering together.
WELD, verb. Join together by heating; "weld metal".
WELD, verb. Unite closely or intimately; "Her gratitude welded her to him".

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