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FILLER, noun. One who fills.
FILLER, noun. Something added to fill a space or add weight or size.
FILLER, noun. Any semisolid substance used to fill gaps, cracks or pores.
FILLER, noun. A relatively inert ingredient added to modify physical characteristics.
FILLER, noun. A short article in a newspaper or magazine.
FILLER, noun. A short piece of music or an announcement between radio or TV programmes.
FILLER, noun. Any spoken sound or word used to fill gaps in speech; filled pause.
FILLER, noun. Cut tobacco used to make up the body of a cigar.
FILLER, noun. (computing) In COBOL, the description of an unnamed part of a record that contains no data relevant to a given context.
FILLER, noun. (horticulture) A plant that lacks a distinctive shape and can fill inconvenient spaces around other plants in pots or gardens.
FILLER, noun. (forestry) (mostly plural) Any standing tree or standard higher than the surrounding coppice in the form of forest known as "coppice under standards".
FILLÉR, noun. A subdenomination of the forint, 100 fillér = 1 forint.
FILLER CAP, noun. The cap that closes the opening of a tank, e.g. the fuel tank of car, from which the tank can be filled.
FILLER CAPS, noun. Plural of filler cap

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FILLER, noun. Used for filling cracks or holes in a surface.
FILLER, noun. 100 filler equal 1 forint in Hungary.
FILLER, noun. Copy to fill space between more important articles in the layout of a magazine or newspaper.
FILLER, noun. Anything added to fill out a whole; "some of the items in the collection are mere makeweights".
FILLER, noun. The tobacco used to form the core of a cigar.

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