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THERMAL, noun. (meteorology) A column of rising air in the lower atmosphere created by uneven heating of Earth's surface.
THERMAL, adjective. Pertaining to heat or temperature.
THERMAL, adjective. (fabric) Providing efficient insulation so as to keep the body warm.
THERMAL, adjective. Caused, brought about by heat.
THERMAL ANALYSIS, noun. (chemistry) (metallurgy) Any of several analytical techniques that monitors the chemical and physical changes that occur as a material is heated
THERMAL BREAK, noun. A thermal insulator placed between two thermal conductors to reduce the flow of heat; often used in aluminum doors and windows.
THERMAL CAMERA, noun. A camera that is sensitive to infrared radiation (heat) instead of visible light as ordinary camera.
THERMAL COAL, noun. The type of coal used in coal-fired electrical power plants
THERMAL COMPOUND, noun. Thermal grease
THERMAL CONDUCTANCE, noun. (physics) A measure of the ability of a particular body or assembly to conduct heat.
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY, noun. (physics) A measure of the ability of a material to conduct heat, often denoted k, λ, or κ.
THERMAL CONTACT, noun. (thermodynamics) A state in which two or more systems can exchange thermal energy.
THERMAL CREDIT, noun. A unit that offsets the thermal impact of one tonne of carbon dioxide, accounting the net thermal impact generated by human activity on Earth's climate.
THERMAL CYCLER, noun. (genetics) A laboratory device in which a polymerase chain reaction is carried out repeatedly in cycles which in turn amplifies the sample DNA segments. The instrument contains a thermal block which contains the DNA samples and can precisely control the internal temperature.
THERMAL DESORPTION, noun. The removal of contaminants from soil etc. by heating
THERMAL ENERGY, noun. (physics) The internal energy of a system in thermodynamic equilibrium due to its temperature
THERMAL ENERGY, noun. (engineering) A form of energy; sensible energy; heat
THERMAL ENERGY, noun. (military) The energy released by an explosion
THERMAL GEL, noun. Thermal grease.
THERMAL GREASE, noun. A viscous fluid substance, originally with properties akin to grease, which increases the thermal conductivity of a thermal interface by filling microscopic air-gaps present due to the imperfectly flat and smooth surfaces of the components.
THERMAL GREASES, noun. Plural of thermal grease
THERMAL IMAGING, noun. Thermography
THERMAL LANCE, noun. A tool that burns iron in an oxygen-rich environment to create very high temperatures for cutting.
THERMAL LITHOSPHERE, noun. (geology) The thermal boundary layer between the surface of the Earth (cooled by conduction) and the asthenosphere (cooled by convection).
THERMAL LITHOSPHERES, noun. Plural of thermal lithosphere
THERMAL NEUTRON, noun. (physics) A relatively slow-moving neutron whose energy is governed by the temperature of its environment
THERMAL NEUTRONS, noun. Plural of thermal neutron
THERMAL OXIDIZER, noun. A device for treating air pollutants of all types, especially VOCs and odours, by burning the gases in an oven at about 800ºC for about 1 second.
THERMAL OXIDIZERS, noun. Plural of thermal oxidizer
THERMAL PAPER, noun. Paper treated so as to change color on exposure to heat.
THERMAL PAPERS, noun. Plural of thermal paper
THERMAL PASTE, noun. Substance used to transfer heat evenly, such as used in computers, thermal grease.
THERMAL PRINTER, noun. (computing) A printer that operates by applying heat to selected areas of specially treated paper.
THERMAL PRINTERS, noun. Plural of thermal printer
THERMAL RADIATION, noun. (physics) The electromagnetic radiation emitted from a body as a consequence of its temperature; increasing the temperature of the body increases the amount of radiation produced, and shifts it to shorter wavelengths (higher frequencies) in a manner explained only by quantum mechanics.
THERMAL ROCKET, noun. A rocket that is powered by a thermal source, such as a nuclear-thermal rocket or a solar-thermal rocket or a rocket powered by an energy beam such as a laser or microwave beam
THERMAL ROCKETS, noun. Plural of thermal rocket
THERMAL SPRING, noun. A hot spring.
THERMAL SPRINGS, noun. Plural of thermal spring
THERMAL TURBULENCE, noun. Atmospheric turbulence due to convection currents

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THERMAL, noun. Rising current of warm air.
THERMAL, adjective. Relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight".
THERMAL, adjective. Of or relating to a hot spring; "thermal water".
THERMAL, adjective. Caused by or designed to retain heat; "a thermal burn"; "thermal underwear".

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