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CONVECTION, noun. The process of conveying something.
CONVECTION, noun. (physics) The transmission of heat in a fluid or gas by the circulation of currents.
CONVECTION, noun. (meteorology) The vertical movement of heat and moisture, especially by updrafts and downdrafts in an unstable air mass. The terms convection and thunderstorm are often used interchangeably, although thunderstorms are only one form of convection. Towering cumulus clouds are visible forms of convection.
CONVECTION CELL, noun. A loop of moving fluid (such as air or water) in which the motion results from differences in density caused by differences in temperature.
CONVECTION CELLS, noun. Plural of convection cell
CONVECTION MICROWAVE, noun. Convection microwave oven
CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN, noun. A combination convection oven and microwave oven, which has standard radiant heat sources and recirculating fan found in convection ovens and microwave emitters found in microwave ovens
CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVENS, noun. Plural of convection microwave oven
CONVECTION MICROWAVES, noun. Convection microwave ovens; plural of convection microwave
CONVECTION OVEN, noun. An oven that features fans to recirculate heated air to accelerate heating provided by traditional radiant heat sources found in the oven
CONVECTION OVENS, noun. Plural of convection oven

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CONVECTION, noun. The transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion.
CONVECTION, noun. (meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere.

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