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RADIANT, adjective. Radiating light and/or heat.
RADIANT, adjective. Emitted as radiation.
RADIANT, adjective. Beaming with vivacity and happiness.
RADIANT, adjective. Emitting or proceeding as if from a center.
RADIANT, adjective. (heraldry) Giving off rays; said of a bearing.
RADIANT, adjective. (botany) Having a ray-like appearance, like the large marginal flowers of certain umbelliferous plants; said also of the cluster which has such marginal flowers.
RADIANT, noun. A point source from which radiation is emitted.
RADIANT, noun. (astronomy) The apparent origin, in the night sky, of a meteor shower.
RADIANT, noun. A straight line proceeding from a given point, or fixed pole, about which it is conceived to revolve.
RADIANT ENERGIES, noun. Plural of radiant energy
RADIANT ENERGY, noun. Energy in a form that can radiate, generally electromagnetic energy.

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RADIANT, adjective. Radiating or as if radiating light; "the beaming sun"; "the effulgent daffodils"; "a radiant sunrise"; "a refulgent sunset".

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