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ELECTROMAGNETIC, adjective. Of or pertaining to electromagnetism.
ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY, noun. (physics) The potential energy of an electric or magnetic field
ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD, noun. (physics) The field of force that is due to the interaction of electric and magnetic forces of charged bodies
ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS, noun. Plural of electromagnetic field
ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE, noun. (physics) A long-range fundamental force that acts between charged bodies, mediated by the exchange of photons.
ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION, noun. The production of an electrical potential difference in a conductor situated in a changing magnetic flux
ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERACTION, noun. (physics) the fundamental interaction responsible for the electromagnetic force
ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE, noun. A short-duration burst of high-intensity electromagnetic radiation generated by a physical event, in particular by a large thermonuclear explosion in the atmosphere. The pulse causes a damaging surge of voltage within electrical and electronic systems.
ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE, noun. Compton-recoil electrons and photoelectrons from photons scattered in the materials of a nuclear event causing electric and magnetic fields to couple with electrical and electronic systems to produce damaging current surges.
ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, noun. Radiation (quantized as photons) consisting of oscillating electric and magnetic fields oriented perpendicularly to each other, moving through space.
ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRA, noun. Plural of electromagnetic spectrum
ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM, noun. (physics) The entire range of wavelengths of all known electromagnetic radiations extending from gamma rays through visible light, infrared, and radio waves, to X-rays.
ELECTROMAGNETIC UNIT, noun. Any of the various units to measure electricity and magnetism in the CGS (now replaced by SI) system of units; abbreviated emu or EMU.
ELECTROMAGNETIC UNITS, noun. Plural of electromagnetic unit
ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE, noun. (physics) electromagnetic radiation, such as light and radio waves
ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES, noun. Plural of electromagnetic wave

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ELECTROMAGNETIC, adjective. Pertaining to or exhibiting magnetism produced by electric charge in motion; "electromagnetic energy".

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