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ACOUSTIC, adjective. Pertaining to the sense of hearing, the organs of hearing, or the science of sounds; auditory.
ACOUSTIC, adjective. (music) Naturally producing or produced by an instrument without electrical amplification, as an acoustic guitar or acoustic piano.
ACOUSTIC, noun. (medicine) A medicine or other agent to assist hearing.
ACOUSTIC BASS, noun. Synonym of acoustic bass guitar.
ACOUSTIC BASS GUITAR, noun. (musical instrument) A bass guitar meant to be played without electric amplification and as an accompaniment to the acoustic guitar.
ACOUSTIC BASS GUITARS, noun. Plural of acoustic bass guitar
ACOUSTIC BASSIST, noun. Someone who plays the acoustic bass guitar.
ACOUSTIC BASSISTS, noun. Plural of acoustic bassist
ACOUSTIC COUPLER, noun. An interface device for coupling electrical signals by acoustical means — usually into and out of a telephone instrument.
ACOUSTIC COUPLER, noun. A terminal device used to link data terminals and radio sets with the telephone network.
ACOUSTIC COUPLERS, noun. Plural of acoustic coupler
ACOUSTIC EMISSION, noun. (uncountable) (engineering) (acoustics) A phenomenon wherein external stimuli such as mechanical loading generate physical vibrations.
ACOUSTIC EMISSION, noun. (countable) (engineering) A physical vibration caused by sudden movement within a material subjected to physical stress, often symptomatic of a defect.
ACOUSTIC EMISSIONS, noun. Plural of acoustic emission
ACOUSTIC ENERGY, noun. Sound energy
ACOUSTIC GUITAR, noun. (musical instrument) A hollow-body guitar of the older variety, in contradistinction to an electric guitar.
ACOUSTIC GUITARIST, noun. Someone who plays, or performs on, the acoustic guitar
ACOUSTIC GUITARISTS, noun. Plural of acoustic guitarist
ACOUSTIC GUITARS, noun. Plural of acoustic guitar
ACOUSTIC JAMMING, noun. (military) The deliberate radiation or reradiation of mechanical or electroacoustic signals with the objectives of obliterating or obscuring signals that an enemy is attempting to receive and of disrupting enemy weapons systems.
ACOUSTIC MIRROR, noun. A passive device for reflect and often focusing sound waves, chiefly used to provide early warning of incoming aircraft (by detecting the sound of their engines).
ACOUSTIC MIRRORS, noun. Plural of acoustic mirror
ACOUSTIC NEUROMA, noun. A benign tissue growth situated in the hearing canal.
ACOUSTIC NEUROMAS, noun. Plural of acoustic neuroma
ACOUSTIC SHOCK, noun. The symptoms that can be caused by unexpected loud sounds (acoustic incident) received on a telephone headset.

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ACOUSTIC, noun. A remedy for hearing loss or deafness.
ACOUSTIC, adjective. Of or relating to the science of acoustics; "acoustic properties of a hall".

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