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PEDAL, noun. A lever operated by one's foot that is used to control a machine or mechanism, such as a bicycle or piano
PEDAL, noun. (medicine) a foot or footlike part.
PEDAL, noun. (music) An effects unit, especially one designed to be activated by being stepped on.
PEDAL, noun. (equestrian) [jocular] A stirrup.
PEDAL, noun. (music) [collective] The ranks of pipes played from the pedal-board of an organ.
PEDAL, verb. To operate a pedal attached to a wheel in a continuous circular motion.
PEDAL, verb. To operate a bicycle.
PEDAL, adjective. Of or relating to the foot.
PEDAL CURVE, noun. (geometry) For a plane curve C and a given fixed point P, the locus of points X such that PX is perpendicular to a tangent to the curve passing through X.
PEDAL CURVES, noun. Plural of pedal curve
PEDAL KEYBOARD, noun. Pedalboard
PEDAL POINT, noun. A sustained bass pitch.
PEDAL PUSHER, noun. (British) cyclist
PEDAL PUSHERS, noun. (British) plural of pedal pusher
PEDAL PUSHERS, noun. (US) women's slacks that end at the calves (originally worn by cyclists)
PEDAL STEEL, noun. Synonym of pedal steel guitar.
PEDAL STEEL GUITAR, noun. (musical instrument) The elements of an electric steel guitar, mounted horizontally on a stand and played by a standing musician, using a combination of a steel bar and foot pedals to vary the pitch of the instrument.
PEDAL STEEL GUITARIST, noun. Someone who plays the pedal steel guitar.
PEDAL STEEL GUITARISTS, noun. Plural of pedal steel guitarist
PEDAL STEEL GUITARS, noun. Plural of pedal steel guitar
PEDAL STEELS, noun. Plural of pedal steel
PEDAL STOOL, noun. (music) A stool with vertical foot levers that attach to the pedals of a piano, organ, or similar instrument, thereby assisting children and other players who cannot reach the pedals normally.
PEDAL STOOL, noun. (nonstandard) malapropism of pedestal.
PEDAL STOOLS, noun. Plural of pedal stool

Dictionary definition

PEDAL, noun. A sustained bass note.
PEDAL, noun. A lever that is operated with the foot.
PEDAL, verb. Ride a bicycle.
PEDAL, verb. Operate the pedals on a keyboard instrument.
PEDAL, adjective. Of or relating to the feet; "the word for a pedal extremity is `foot'".

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