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RIDER, noun. One who rides, often a horse or motorcycle
RIDER, noun. (politics) A provision annexed to a bill under the consideration of a legislature, having little connection with the subject matter of the bill
RIDER, noun. (by extension) Something extra or burdensome that is imposed.
RIDER, noun. An amendment or addition to an entertainer's performance contract, often covering a performer's equipment or food, drinks, and general comfort requirements
RIDER, noun. A small, sliding piece of aluminium on a chemical balance, used to determine small weights
RIDER, noun. (UK) (archaic) An agent who went out with samples of goods to obtain orders; a commercial traveller.
RIDER, noun. (obsolete) One who breaks in or manages a horse.
RIDER, noun. (math) A problem of extra difficulty added to another on an examination paper.
RIDER, noun. An old Dutch gold coin with the figure of a man on horseback stamped upon it.
RIDER, noun. (mining) Rock material in a vein of ore, dividing it.
RIDER, noun. (shipbuilding) An interior rib occasionally fixed in a ship's hold, reaching from the keelson to the beams of the lower deck, to strengthen the frame.
RIDER, noun. (nautical) The second tier of casks in a vessel's hold.
RIDER, noun. A small forked weight which straddles the beam of a balance, along which it can be moved in the manner of the weight on a steelyard.
RIDER, noun. (obsolete) (UK) (dialect) A robber.
RIDER, proper noun. A surname​. More often spelled Ryder.

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RIDER, noun. A traveler who actively rides an animal (as a horse or camel).
RIDER, noun. A clause that is appended to a legislative bill.
RIDER, noun. A traveler who actively rides a vehicle (as a bicycle or motorcycle).
RIDER, noun. A traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it.

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