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STIRRUP, noun. A foot rest used by horse-riders.
STIRRUP, noun. (anatomy) A stapes.
STIRRUP, noun. Any piece shaped like the stirrup of a saddle, used as a support, clamp, etc.
STIRRUP, noun. (nautical) A rope secured to a yard, with a thimble in its lower end for supporting a footrope.
STIRRUP, adjective. Referring to women's pants, a form of trousers commonly worn by women that includes a strap beneath the arch of the foot.
STIRRUP BONE, noun. (anatomy) the smallest bone in the human body; it is situated in the ear and passes vibrations from the anvil to cochlea
STIRRUP CUP, noun. A parting cup taken after mounting.
STIRRUP JAR, noun. (historical) A pottery vessel, sometimes decorated, intended to hold oil or wine.
STIRRUP JARS, noun. Plural of stirrup jar
STIRRUP PUMP, noun. A small hand-operated pump; the stirrup-shaped base was placed in a bucket of water, a small hose could direct a stream onto small fires

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STIRRUP, noun. Support consisting of metal loops into which rider's feet go.
STIRRUP, noun. The stirrup-shaped ossicle that transmits sound from the incus to the cochlea.

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