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LEG, noun. The lower limb of a human being or animal that extends from the groin to the ankle.
LEG, noun. (anatomy) The portion of the lower appendage of a human that extends from the knee to the ankle.
LEG, noun. A part of garment, such as a pair of trousers/pants, that covers a leg.
LEG, noun. A stage of a journey, race etc.
LEG, noun. (nautical) A distance that a sailing vessel does without changing the sails from one side to the other.
LEG, noun. (nautical) One side of a multiple-sided (often triangular) course in a sailing race.
LEG, noun. (sports) A single game or match played in a tournament or other sporting contest.
LEG, noun. One of the two sides of a right triangle that is not the hypotenuse.
LEG, noun. (geometry) One of the branches of a hyperbola or other curve which extend outward indefinitely.
LEG, noun. A rod-like protrusion from an inanimate object, supporting it from underneath.
LEG, noun. (usually used in plural) evidence, the ability for a thing or idea to succeed or persist
LEG, noun. (UK) (slang) (archaic) A disreputable sporting character; a blackleg.
LEG, noun. An extension of a steam boiler downward, in the form of a narrow space between vertical plates, sometimes nearly surrounding the furnace and ash pit, and serving to support the boiler; called also water leg.
LEG, noun. In a grain elevator, the case containing the lower part of the belt which carries the buckets.
LEG, noun. (cricket) A fielder whose position is on the outside, a little in rear of the batter.
LEG, noun. (telephony) A branch or lateral circuit connecting an instrument with the main line.
LEG, noun. (electrical) A branch circuit; one phase of a polyphase system.
LEG, verb. To put a series of three or more options strikes into the stock market.
LEG, verb. To remove the legs from an animal carcass.
LEG, verb. To build legs onto a platform or stage for support.
LEG BAIL, noun. (slang) (dated) Escape from custody by running away.
LEG BEFORE, adverb. (cricket) (colloquial) leg before wicket.
LEG BEFORE WICKET, adverb. (cricket) Describing the way of getting out in which the ball would have hit the batsman's wicket, but hits the batsman's legs or more rarely another part of the batsman's body without first hitting the bat or a hand holding the bat.
LEG BEFORE WICKET, noun. (cricket) An instance of a batsman being out due to the leg before wicket law.
LEG BEFORE WICKETS, noun. Plural of leg before wicket
LEG BREAK, noun. (cricket) a normal ball bowled by a leg spin bowler, moving from leg to off (for a right-handed batsman)
LEG BREAKER, noun. Alternative spelling of leg-breaker
LEG BRIDGE, noun. A type of bridge for small spans in which the floor girders are rigidly secured at their extremities to supporting steel legs, driven into the ground as piling, or resting on mudsills.
LEG BRIDGES, noun. Plural of leg bridge
LEG BYE, noun. (cricket) run scored by a batting side arising from the ball striking any part of the batsman's body without touching the bat. Leg byes are recorded as extras and do not affect the batsman's individual score. A leg bye can only be scored if the batsman was genuinely attempting to play a shot, or genuinely tried to avoid being hit by the ball.
LEG BYES, noun. Plural of leg bye
LEG CURL, noun. (weightlifting) An exercise performed on a machine in which the hamstring muscles are exerted to bend the knee while acting against resistance applied to the lower calf. The exercise may be performed while prone or standing, depending on the design of the machine.
LEG CURLS, noun. Plural of leg curl
LEG CUTTER, noun. (cricket) a ball bowled by a fast bowler who uses finger spin to move the ball from leg to off (for a right-handed batsman)
LEG CUTTERS, noun. Plural of leg cutter
LEG DROP, noun. An attack in professional wrestling in which the wrestler jumps and lands his or her leg across a fallen opponent.
LEG EXTENSION, noun. (weightlifting) An exercise performed on a machine while seated. The quadriceps (thigh muscles) are exerted to straighten the knee while acting against resistance applied to the lower shin.
LEG EXTENSIONS, noun. Plural of leg extension
LEG GLANCE, noun. (cricket) A shot played by a batsman with a vertical bat, deflecting the ball behind the square leg area of the field.
LEG GLANCE, verb. (cricket) To play, or hit the ball with, a leg glance.
LEG IRONS, noun. A fetter or shackle attached at the ankle.
LEG IT, verb. (intransitive) (slang) To run away, to flee.
LEG IT, verb. (intransitive) (slang) To hurry.
LEG MAN, noun. Alternative spelling of legman
LEG MAN, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see leg,‎ man.
LEG MEN, noun. Plural of leg man (alternative spelling of legmen).
LEG PRESS, noun. (weightlifting) An exercise performed by using the legs to press weight away from one's body, while the body remains stationary.
LEG PRESSES, noun. Plural of leg press
LEG ROPE, noun. (surfing) A cord tied to the surfboard (usually near the tail) and attached to the surfer's leg.
LEG ROPES, noun. Plural of leg rope
LEG SIDE, noun. (cricket) The side of the pitch on the same side as the batsman's legs as he takes his stance at the wicket; the left side for a right-handed batsman.
LEG SLIP, noun. (cricket) a fielding position on the leg side of the wicket-keeper, designed to catch a ball after it hits the bat and deflects by a small amount
LEG SLIPS, noun. Plural of leg slip
LEG SPIN, noun. (cricket) A style of bowling in which a (right-handed) bowler spins the ball such that, after bouncing, it moves from leg to off (for a right-handed batsman).
LEG SPINNER, noun. (cricket) A bowler who bowls leg spin.
LEG SPINNERS, noun. Plural of leg spinner
LEG STUMP, noun. (cricket) The stump on the leg side of the batsman's wicket.
LEG UP, noun. (literally) the act of assisting another's progress over a wall or other obstacle by forming a step for one of their feet with one's hands
LEG UP, noun. (figuratively) A boost, a sudden improvement; an advantage
LEG UP, noun. (figuratively) assistance, help given to get started or overcome a problem or obstacle
LEG WARMER, noun. A type of garment similar to a footless sock, which usually extends from below the knee to above the ankle.
LEG WARMERS, noun. Plural of leg warmer
LEG WORK, noun. Alternative spelling of legwork

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LEG, noun. A human limb; commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part of the limb between the knee and ankle.
LEG, noun. A structure in animals that is similar to a human leg and used for locomotion.
LEG, noun. One of the supports for a piece of furniture.
LEG, noun. A part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches".
LEG, noun. The limb of an animal used for food.
LEG, noun. A prosthesis that replaces a missing leg.
LEG, noun. A cloth covering consisting of the part of a pair of trousers that covers a person's leg.
LEG, noun. (nautical) the distance traveled by a sailing vessel on a single tack.
LEG, noun. A section or portion of a journey or course; "then we embarked on the second stage of our Caribbean cruise".

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