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CRUTCH, noun. A device to assist in motion as a cane, especially one that provides support under the arm to reduce weight on a leg.
CRUTCH, noun. Something that supports, often used negatively to indicate that it is not needed and causes an unhealthful dependency; a prop
CRUTCH, noun. A crotch; the area of body where the legs fork from the trunk.
CRUTCH, noun. A form of pommel for a woman's saddle, consisting of a forked rest to hold the leg of the rider.
CRUTCH, noun. (nautical) A knee, or piece of knee timber.
CRUTCH, noun. (nautical) A forked stanchion or post; a crotch.
CRUTCH, verb. (transitive) To support on crutches; to prop up.
CRUTCH, verb. (transitive) To shear the hindquarters of a sheep; to dag.

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CRUTCH, noun. A wooden or metal staff that fits under the armpit and reaches to the ground; used by disabled person while walking.
CRUTCH, noun. Anything that serves as an expedient; "he uses drugs as a psychological crutch".

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