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PROP, noun. An object placed against or under another, to support it; anything that supports.
PROP, noun. (rugby) The player who is next to the hooker in a scrum.
PROP, noun. One of the seashells in the game of props.
PROP, verb. (transitive) To support or shore up something.
PROP, noun. (theater) (film) An item placed on a stage or set to create a scene or scenario in which actors perform. Contraction of "property".
PROP, noun. The propeller of an aircraft.
PROP, noun. A proposition, especially on an election-day ballot.
PROP BLAST, noun. The blast of air created by an airplane propeller.
PROP COMEDIAN, noun. Alternative form of prop comic
PROP COMEDIANS, noun. Plural of prop comedian
PROP COMEDY, noun. A style of comedic performance in which common and/or unusual objects are used as physical aids to help achieve a humorous effect.
PROP COMIC, noun. A comedian whose performances utilize common and/or unusual objects as physical aids to help achieve a humorous effect.
PROP COMICS, noun. Plural of prop comic
PROP H8, proper noun. (derogatory) (politics) The Californian proposition which restricted marriage to one woman and one man.
PROP SHAFT, noun. Propeller shaft; driveshaft.
PROP SHAFTS, noun. Plural of prop shaft
PROP UP, verb. (transitive) To support with, or as if with, a prop.
PROP UP, verb. (transitive) (idiomatic) To be at the bottom of (a league)
PROP UP THE BAR, verb. (idiomatic) (informal) (derogatory) To spend time drinking alcohol at the bar in a pub.
PROP WASH, noun. (aviation) (nautical) The disturbed mass of air or water pushed aft by the propeller of an aircraft or propeller-driven watercraft.
PROP WASH, noun. Byproduct of thrust produced by a propeller.

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PROP, noun. A support placed beneath or against something to keep it from shaking or falling.
PROP, noun. Any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie; "before every scene he ran down his checklist of props".
PROP, noun. A propeller that rotates to push against air.
PROP, verb. Support by placing against something solid or rigid; "shore and buttress an old building".

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