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BACKSTAGE, adjective. Relating to, or situated in the area behind a stage.
BACKSTAGE, adjective. Secret, concealed from the public.
BACKSTAGE, adverb. Towards the area behind the stage.
BACKSTAGE, adverb. Out of view of the public.
BACKSTAGE, noun. The area behind a stage out of view of the audience where performers wait to give their show; especially that of the dressing rooms.
BACKSTAGE, noun. The private portion of the space used by a business or enterprise.

Dictionary definition

BACKSTAGE, noun. A stage area out of sight of the audience.
BACKSTAGE, adverb. Out of view of the public; behind the scenes; "Working backstage to gain political support for his proposal"; "many private deals were made backstage at the convention".
BACKSTAGE, adverb. In or to a backstage area of a theater; "costumes were changed backstage".
BACKSTAGE, adjective. Concealed from public view or attention; "offstage political meetings".

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